jeudi 16 février 2012

A beautiful beach and a day with Ai-Vy.

A beautiful viewpoint at Noosa

Well it is official, Noosa is by far my favorite beach! We went last Sunday and it was absolutely gorgeous. About an hour and a half drive up north wasn't too bad, and it was completely worth it. We took a trail with some pretty amazing views back to a smaller beach where the water was blue and quite warm. It was perfect for swimming in because the waves were not too intense, we could even take Ai-Vy and Kien-Nhu out into the waves. :) Later in the day when the tide went out a bit a lot of surfers showed up, I am hoping that since young just received his new custom surfboard that next time we go we will do a bit of surfing and I can practice!

Ai-Vy walking on the rainbow

Last week Ai-Vy and I took a bus into the city to go check out some of the children exhibits at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). She really enjoyed the bus ride and looking out the big windows. After the bus ride we had a short walk over to the museum. We were a bit disappointing when we got to the exhibit and the staff said we could not touch anything....isn't the point of a children exhibit to usually be interactive and child friendly? Ai-Vy still had a good time looking at everything but got bored after a while. The next exhibit we went to was fun, Ai-Vy was given some stickers and told to place them wherever she wanted to in the room. The room was set up like a house but everything was white with different sized colorful stickers placed everywhere covering everything. After awhile we had a long walk along the water over to Southbank and played at the park and chased birds for a little while. We then went and got some chocolate ice cream to cool off before heading home. Yum :)

Mmmmm ice cream after a long walk

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