lundi 27 février 2012

Hello :)

Wow! So a lot has happened in the past week. Last weekend I experienced Byron Bay, we also went to mooloolaba and I practiced my surfing, all last week Stephanie was in Sydney, Ai-Vy's 4th birthday party was this weekend, which I spent all week planning for, and today I am going in to train for my new job. :) It has been a bit hectic but very enjoyable!

Byron Bay was of course beautiful, the water was a bit cooler but not nearly as cold as back home! We went on a lovely hike up to the light house, or the dragon house as Ai-Vy likes to call it. :) I stood at the most easterly point of the Australian mainland and saw way to many bats.....haha. On Sunday we got up bright and early to go practice my surfing at mooloolaba and so Young could test out his new board. The water was perfect and apparently the waves were to because the water was infested with surfers. I was able to get up a few times and hopefully with a bit more practice I will be able to use the smaller is just a workout trying to lug the long one around everywhere, especially in the water.

During the week I planned for Ai-Vy's birthday party, which included me getting a little crafty. I had a lot of fun planning it and going shopping for everything. I am slowly learning my way around town and becoming a not so pro at driving a manual...but shopping for everything definitely helped! Over all I think the birthday party was a total success! Ai-Vy and her friends had a great time, as did I :)

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