mardi 7 février 2012

One month in Australia! :)

Hello everyone! I have now been in Australia for about a month and things are going pretty well. I have seen some pretty cool things and am starting to make some friends :) I met a group of other Au Pairs last week in the city for the night and had a pretty good time. The girls were from all over the world, Germany, Finland, France, Estonia, the US, and I'm sure there were more! Last weekend I also made my way to Surfers Paradise for a night with two other girls from the US and met up with many others from all over. It was a lot of fun and I will be keeping in touch with them :)

Last week I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend Nathan arrive in Brisbane after trying for over a week to catch a flight. Stephanie and Young were kind enough to let him stay for a few days until he caught a flight down to Sydney where he will be living and working for the next year. While he was here we kept fairly busy and he was able to see a lot. Ai-Vy got along with him very well and is still asking where Nathan is. :) How cute.

Last weekend we went to Currumbin, it was beautiful and I had so much fun playing in the amazing water. The waves were great for body surfing! Next weekend we are going camping at Stradbroke Island for a night or two with some of Young and Stephanie's friends. I am looking forward to it, as it should be great fun! :)

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Thien-Lan a dit…

nice photos Meagan!
thansk for blogging, seems like Young is getting lazy on that front hahaha!