lundi 26 décembre 2011

Australia, here I come!

Happy Holidays everyone! 10 days and counting till I leave my home here in the US! I can't wait to make my way to Australia and enjoy some vitamin D. I have been talking about wanting to go to Australia since I was young with two of my good friends, just so happens I'm the lucky one that is going to make it there first. I cant wait to explore the beautiful country I have heard many good things about Australia and the people, that they are fun loving and relaxed....although I ran into a girl from Sydney the other day and was warned that the drivers can be a little crazy and that "J-walking" is not acceptable like it is here in Portland. I expect that moving to Australia for a year would be an absolutely amazing experience and a great cultural change for me no matter who I was with, but lucky me, I get to spend it with Young, Stephanie, two kids that are cute as can be, and two pretty cool dogs! :) I presume that I will learn a lot, I have already learned so much and I haven't even arrived yet. Just the whole process of preparing to travel out of my country has been a new experience for me, stressful, but definitely a learning experience. There are many things that I would like to do and see while I am in Australia of course!

1: I would like to see some strange animals! As I know there are many that I have never seen...the animals here are not very exotic, nor interesting.

2: I would love to learn how to surf, I hear it is very popular in Australia, it is popular here too, but the water is too chilly for me :)

3: Now I know this one is pretty cliché especially to anyone reading this from the US, but I would like to see the Sydney Opera House, maybe the space needle....we have one here in Washington, I could compare lol :)

4: Learn French

5: Learn to cook some good food

6: Hike in beautiful places

7: Learn the Aussie lingo

8: Scuba dive, I would be fine with just snorkeling. I want to see some awesome fish :)

9: Make many new friends....or mates! :)

10: Have loads of fun and amazing experiences!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Best wishes to you all, I cannot wait to arrive :)

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Get ready to tick all these boxes ;)