jeudi 22 décembre 2011

How this all came to be.

Hello again! Just wanted to recap on everything that has happened in the last few months or so for me here in cold wet Vancouver, Washington.

I found out about being an Au-Pair in October and was recommended the GreatAuPair website by a fellow student at school. Soon after I signed up and created a profile, I was pretty adamant from the start about finding the right family for me. It was distracting me from my schoolwork a great deal...but not too much. I talked to many families some here in the US, some from Europe, others in Australia, and one from Spain. I almost agreed to go with a family here in the US in California, but luckily Young and Stephanie sent me quite an interesting message putting me in the position to "show my true colors" I got very lucky and they liked what they heard! (as did I) :) From there we chatted a great deal via Facebook, maybe a bit too much, they became to think I was addicted.

As we got to know each other better I became more and more excited about the idea of spending the year with such wonderful people, in such a gorgeous place! Once I was sure that I wanted to come and that this family was right for me and I was right for them, all that needed to be done was to convince my was a bit harder than you would think. My parents chatted with Young and Stephanie and got many terrific references from them, so terrific that they couldn't say no!

I was ecstatic when I could finally tell Young and Stephanie that I would be coming to join their family very soon, although they didn't think that the end of January was soon enough. So with a bit of work and some more convincing of my parents and cooperation from Young and Stephanie I will be arriving in Brisbane, Australia on January 7th at 7:50 am.!!!! I can't wait to meet everyone in person and have fun with little Ai-Vy and Kien-Nhu! See everyone soon :)

4 commentaires:

Young a dit…

I don't think your are addicted to Facebook... I KNOW you are!

Ai-Vy et Kien-Nhu a dit…

We are glad you liked us too!! .... A tres bientot Meagan!!

Meagan a dit…

I'm only as addicted as you are!

Young a dit…

That's all your fault... I never really used Facebook that much!