samedi 24 décembre 2011

How I got green thumbs

(I found this funny post I published a long time ago on Stephanie's blog and thought it would be a good idea to share it in english)

Today I'm going to tell you a true story. Something that happened to me the other day while I was walking my mum in the park.

"Mummy, we go this way!"

There was a little tree called "Bonsai", only a bit taller than me. It was weird and I was a bit scared.

"You, my Bonsai friend, I don't trust you!"

Then we went and settled under a tree so I could have my bottle and eat flowers. I was feeling much better.

"That's the good life, the parks and the sun!"

But all of a sudden, something strange happened, birds where singing very loudly and flowers were dancing in circle around me!!

"Something really weird is happening!?"

When everything calmed down, I was... different. I was feeling closer to nature and plants.

"In fact, I'm all green now!"

What a relief... when we left, everything was back to normal... almost...

"Daddy says that having green thumbs means loving nature."

Signed: Poisson Ai-Vy

4 commentaires:

Ai-Vy et Kien-Nhu a dit…

Now ... I don't want to be picky but ... there is something not correct ... lost in transalation maybe??? can you spot it?

Kim a dit…

mais c'est l'art de faire du neuf avec de l'ancien ça, non?
J'avais vu les images sur le blog d'Ai-vy, mais je ne me souvenais pas du conte qu'il y avait derrière.
Quand est-ce que vous nous montrez des images de votre jardin ?
Chi Kim

Young a dit…

Hmmm, in french "Main Verte", literally "Green Hand"... In english "Green Thumbs", I guess a green thumb is part of a green hand, so that should do... stop being that picky!

Ai-Vy et Kien-Nhu a dit…

Oui un blog sur comment Dung a eu la main verte !! Une histoire vraie de vraie lol!!!

Bisous Chi Kim et merci pour le cadeau ... On va se regaler de bon Milkshake cet ete :))