lundi 19 décembre 2011

Introduction (me anxiously waiting to arrive)

Hi blog readers! My name is Meagan.
I am 19 years old and from Vancouver, Washington USA.
I live right outside of a fairly large city called Portland, Oregon where I enjoy going for entertainment, good music, and wonderful food.

I am currently living with my parents and younger sister...but not for long! My family enjoys animals, as do I, we have a variety....cats, dogs, chickens, my dads pigeons, and my rabbit who we call olive.

In the past two years I have graduated high school and am now working on my college education, whilst in school I had numerous hobbies and held a few jobs. I thoroughly enjoyed my first job as a gymnastic coach for young girls, not only was it rewarding....but I got to jump on trampolines for work! I played soccer all through high school, and still play on occasion, as I love being active. Although we only get about one good month of summer here I take full advantage of it and am outside and in the water everyday, whether it is cliff jumping, wake boarding, or just going for a dip and laying in the sun, I love it all.

My family is very important to me, I have loving parents and a wonderful sister who have helped and supported me in all aspects of my life. They have held me to standards and stood up for me when need be, I will miss them greatly while I am away but I know they will always be here when I need them and just a "skype call" away.
My education, and sense of adventure is also important to me, that is what will get me through life. I think it is important to go out and explore, see the world from another's point of view and experience new cultures. Living in Australia will be educational and a magnificent experience as well....especially since I get to spend it with such a wonderful family.

This up coming year is going to be amazing, and I have no doubt that it will be anything but boring. I am extremely excited to join Young, Stephanie and their two children for an entire year, we will have grand adventures and I will learn alot... including some French.
I cannot wait to see everything that Australia has to offer and get to know this wonderful family <3

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Dung a dit…

Well done Meagan for your first post, the first of hundreds to come as if I count well, a minimum of 2 per week multiplied by 52 weeks means at least 100 post! We'll make sure you've got lots of things to tell! Can't wait to have you with us!