dimanche 1 janvier 2012

A little bit about me :)

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Years :) I will be celebrating the New Year here tonight! This is a little photo assignment that Young and Stephanie gave me. These four photos were chosen by them from my Facebook, and I will tell you the story behind each :)

This is a photo from my Senior High School prom with two of my good friends, Jade and Kayla on either side of me. Prom is a big formal dance at the end of every school year for Juniors and Seniors. This was right before we went to dinner and before our big pink Hummer limo picked us up!

My beautiful dog Leum in the snow. We were trying to sled although there was only a dusting a snow but it was exciting, we don’t get snow too often here in Vancouver because we live in a valley. Sadly we had to give Liam to one of my dads friends because he was a bad dog Luckily he went to a place with lots of room to run and play!

This was during a high school soccer game, we were winning against a team with good rankings and I just wanted to be out there on the field playing. That explains the look on my face haha! Also one of my best friends was taking the picture so I was just being a goof.

This was before my High School graduation in my cap and gown. My mom made me a pretty crafty confetti cake in celebration J Although I didn’t get to eat much of it because apparently my uncle is a pretty big fan of confetti cake too haha!

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Young a dit…

I love all these 4 photos of you Meagan, they all show a different aspect of you :) And now I know the story behind each of them!

jason yu a dit…

nice blog