mardi 17 janvier 2012

My new family

Bonjour! I am settling in quite nicely now that I have been in Australia for a little over a week now.
Although it of course takes some time to call a new home yours and feel completely comfortable Stephanie and Young are doing a great job! The house is great and they have kept me very busy :)

Young is very enthusiastic and up beat, something I am going to have to work on during my stay.

Stephanie was out of town for work in Sydney the first week I was here, but has now been back since Friday night. She is very nice, and will soon be teaching me to drive her car... which is a manual and will be driven on the left side of the road, two things I have never done before.
It will be interesting and I will be sure to update everyone on how it goes.

Ai-Vy is adorable with a big personality, she loves to swim and never gets tired of reminding you haha. I am having lots of fun getting to know her and playing games with her.

Although she won't let me do her hair yet, but I'm sure she will come around. She is currently taking swim lessons (what a surprise), and will soon be starting dance...
I'm excited for that and am looking forward to going with her and watching, as I did dance when I was young :)

Baby Kiki (Kien-Nhu) is quite the cutie, he is a great baby... but doesn't seem to like the car much , unless we are off roading, which I find very odd.

He is on the brink of walking and is standing up on his own, we are just waiting for that first step which I am very excited to be able to be here for! :)

I can't wait to see how he grows in this next year!

So far I am having a great time in the land of OZ and I'm sure it will continue to be amazing.

I am looking forward to all the adventures that lay ahead! :)

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