mardi 10 janvier 2012

Finally here!

Hello everyone! I have finally arrived in Australia safe and sound. The plane ride was very long and boring but I managed. When arriving at the airport in Brisbane I was very surprised with how easy going through security and customs was, it was quite the relief! :)

After a very long flight with some not so very yummy food I have officially arrived in Australia and was greeted with a camera in my face by Young and lots of hugs from Ai-Vy at the Airport in Brisbane! :) Upon arrival we drove to my new home, driving on the left side of the will take a bit to get used to it. Ai-Vy showed me around the house, and asked to go to the swimming pool right after (she is a fish). We swam for a while but then the rain came so we were off to the beach! Where it was surprisingly warm, but I didn't bring a suit so I missed out on all the fun :/

The second day I was here Young and Stephanie were sure to keep me busy, jet lag was not allowed to ruin the fun. We went out to the country a bit and did some off-roading to get to a beautiful place. Although I was a bit skeptical about the mucky water and what might be lurking in it.......crocodiles, snakes, sharks.....who knows! :) but after seeing everyone swim I was reluctant to jumping in as it was very warm out, and the water tuned out to be quite nice.

Ai-Vy and I enjoyed the sun and the pretty views at the lake.

All Ai-Vy wanted to do was go fishing! She had never been before and was very excited, although she discovered that it is quite boring and involves a lot of doing nothing. She soon hopped in the water with Young and swam all day long. We didn't catch any fish that day, but we did catch a turtle! :)

My third day in Australia it was very hot, nearly 35 degrees Celsius, or 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It involved a lot of lounging around the pool and eating delicious mango's, yum yum.

I have already tried so many new foods here! It is awesome, although in this picture I am eating tripe.....I didn't know at the time, so it was not so awesome ha ha. After discovering what it was I didn't find it very appetizing. Although I did try kangaroo meat tonight and it was surprisingly good, as has all the other food Young has made, he is a very good cook. sadly I haven't had the best appetite since I have been here, I'm thinking it could be part of the jet lag, and am hoping my appetite will resume to normal shortly so I can try more yummy foods.

After an interesting lunch we picked Ai-Vy up from childcare and took her to the beach, she was very happy. The beach was wonderful and with nearly no waves it was good for Ai-vy and the water was very warm. We walked down the beach a bit and found some rock where there were lots of little fish and some cool shells to look at. Next time we go there we will have to bring goggles and snorkels :)

At the beach we found lots of fish, and even caught a shrimp. I have already seen many cool animals, I saw a caterpillar with a horn, some wild turkeys, and a wallaby. Lets not forget the strange sounding birds that wake me up early in the morning, which is 5:00 here! I knows that sounds early to everyone back at home, but it is already light out by then and very warm, so it makes it fairly easy to wake up:)

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Nina a dit…

Welcome to Australia Megan.

I see that you are very well taken care of and embrace the australian way of living from day 1.


Nina (New in Oz).

Thien-Lan a dit…

Welcome Meaghan!
Good job on your blog post, very interesting with cool photos. I can see you are in good hands. Will see you at Easter at Young and Steph's!