vendredi 27 janvier 2012

Animal sightings

Happy belated Australia Day everyone! My very first Australia Day was wonderful, Young, the kids, Nathan and I did some very Aussie activities. Including some offroading, picnicking, and swimming at a beautiful secluded beach. Despite the large bugs we all had an awesome time to celebrate the holiday.

Speaking of large bugs, the animals here are definitely something......mostly strange, some cute some scary. Last week I saw my first what I though to be a massive spider. Ai-Vy found it crawling up the wall and had quite the scare, she seems to have a good eye for scary animals in the house. A few days ago she found a little gecko crawling on the ceiling of my room. Although he was actually kinda cute, and I decided to keep him around for a bit cause geckos eat spiders and such.

The First week I was here Young took me to an amusement park, which was great fun. I was able to see many Aussie animals as well! I really enjoyed petting the kangaroos once I warmed up to the idea, and the koalas are so cute. I was really lucky to get such a great picture of one!

I don't see many koalas or kangaroos around town, but there is always a new animal to discover. One morning Young and I went to get ice cream because it was rather hot, and a very large lizard ran under my was surprising, but pretty neat.

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