lundi 4 février 2013

Busy, busy, busy - but a lot of fun!

G'day Mate!

There was a lot going on since I arrived! After Jordan left us, Ai-Vy and Kien-Nhu stayed with me at home from Monady to Wednesday and were going to childcare on Thursdays and Fridays. So there was a lot of time for fun activites and excursions!

One day we went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary together with a group of other aupairs and their kids. The kids catched up with each other immediately even if they were not even all the same age and had a day full of fun and cute animals! We saw koalas (who would have expected that?!;)), kangaroos, crocodiles, lizards, sheeps, horses, little chicken, snakes, cassawory and we feeded rainbow lorikeets...

Patting the kangaroos in the Koala Park...

Another day we went to South Bank for a swim and took the ferry, we went to the GOMA (Gallery Of Modern Art) and the State Library, we visted the Botanical Garden and the Roma Street Parklands, we went to feed the pelicans in Clontarf, to the Redcliffe Lagoon and to the beach for a walk at low tide... We did so many things, I might have forgotten to mention one ;)

Art for Kids at the GOMA

The day always finishes with an icecream - Kiki and Ai-Vy will be my future patients! ;)

I know someone who really likes chocolate icecream!

Sometimes we just stayed at home, going to the pool at least twice a day (Ai-Vy definitely would enjoy spending the whole day in the pool!), taking the scooters to the park or playing at the playground...

Ready for a swim!

Another excursion was our day at Sea World! It was the last week for Ai-Vy before starting school. So it was the last oportunitiy for the three of us to have a big day trip all together. We watched a Spongebob Show (Kiki was afraid of Spongebob;)) and a Jetski Show, we saw Dinosaurs at the Dinosaurs Island (Kiki was afraid of them too;)) we spent some time at the Pirates Bay, we went to see penguins, polar bears, sharks, rays, dolphins, pelicans, sea stars, sea cucumbers... And the day ended with us sitting in the front row of the dolphin show (thanks to Kiki's pram...)! It was a really nice day, I enjoyed it a lot too!

Watching penguins at Sea World

Definetly Aivy's favourite Ride!

Doing all those trips with the kids kept me pretty busy but also gave me the oportunity to explore a lot of things as well and to create a strong bond between me and Ai-Vy and Kiki.

I have to go now - I have to work tomorrow! Shall I go to the park or to the beach?!;)

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Young a dit…

Very good, thanks Talisa, that will remind Kiki and Ai-Vy of very good memories when they read this in a few years :)