mardi 25 décembre 2012

Farewell Brisbane

November came and went all too quickly, but not before Kiki’s birthday!

Kiki’s birthday was great. He blew out his own candles on his cakes, and even got his very own scooter. Now he can be just like Ai-Vy... no more fighting!

Next, we welcomed Talisa! We hurried off to the airport and there she was, full of smiles and lovely conversation for all of us.
She didn’t even have jet lag. We had been waiting for her arrival for quite some time so it was really wonderful to finally meet her in person.

Immediately after Talisa’s arrival, we were off with a bang. I took her into the city to introduce her to some of my friends, and the following day we all went to Ai-Vy’s dance lesson.
The next few days were filled with lots of fun activities- Dream World, Water World, Ai-Vy’s dance lessons and recitals, Currumbin Beach, and to finalize my time with the family we went to Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is a place that both Young and Stephanie knew I wanted to go to since I had arrived in Brisbane, but I wasn't able to make it there during my time. They both organized some time off of work so we could all go as a family, which I was ecstatic about.

We packed our things to leave, and within a few hours we arrived at Rainbow Beach. I have never seen such a beautiful beach in my life. It gets its name due to the minerals in the sand which makes it look rainbow colored.

At the beach we tried to do some sand boarding, and swam. We stayed the night in Hervey Bay, and took a ferry to Fraser Island in the morning. We went four wheel driving in the sand, swam, and we even saw dingoes!

After some goodbyes at the airport and lots of tears from me, I was off to Melbourne to finish off my Visa and do some more traveling. I’m very sad to leave the family behind but I know they have a wonderful new au-pair to take it from here!

There isn't a day that goes by that I don’t think about them, and it’s safe to say that my memories and experience with them will last a lifetime.
Anyone who enters this family is lucky and has some great adventures ahead of them.

Thank you, Young and Stephanie, for taking me in and showing me your part of the world.

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