jeudi 4 octobre 2012

How rude of me!

How rude of me not to introduce myself! Let's start over ;)

Hello all!! My name is Jordan. I'm 23, and I'm from Portland, Oregon which is the Pacific Northwest in the United States. Oregon is known for it's truly breathtaking and diverse scenery.

There you will find our extensive coastline, lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, deserts, and forests. Just depends on where you are.

Before I moved to Australia, I was working full time at a non-profit hospital in the Emergency Room as a Registrar. My job was a lot of things - exciting, stressful, and rewarding in more than one way as I met my current boyfriend there. Talk about working hard! ;)
So yes, it's true, I do have a boyfriend back at home and he's finishing his Paramedic schooling while i'm here (are you catching on about how we met yet??)

In my free time at home, I enjoyed hiking, photography, kayaking, going out, weekend getaways to the mountains, or just relaxing and watching movies. I'm pretty much up for whatever and will try anything once.

I decided to become an Au Pair because I love children and I love traveling, and I was really looking for a change in pace and culture. Here I am now, and it's safe to say that it has been an extremely awarding experience thus far. I look forward to many more days like the ones I have already spent :)

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi Jordan!

It's you that write on this website now so congrat's!

you work for young and his sweety so, you're lucky!

sorry for my english, I am french ^^



Young a dit…

Well done Jordan, you've saved Portland's reputation! ;)