dimanche 14 octobre 2012

Only one month left

Hey everyone!

My name is Talisa, I am almost 19 and very lucky to say that I am going to be the next au pair in Stephanie and Young's family!

I can’t wait to leave for Australia by the 14th of November – in exactly one month!

Currently I live with my family in Mainz, a town of 200.000 inhabitants in southwest Germany.

It has a big university and therefore many young people live here.
There are many lovely locations and interesting attractions throughout the year.

Although Mainz is not a small town, I mostly move from A to B by bike.

We even have some tourism here in Mainz! ;)

My family is kind of a patchwork family.
I live most of the time with my mum and my three siblings Benni (13), Kim (11) and Dominic (6).
So it never gets quiet when they are at home ;).
Moreover I spend a lot of time with my dad, his wife and my little sister Florentine (8), who live 15 min by car away from me.

I finished school in April this year with the “Abitur” (German qualification for university entrance). I decided not to start studying immediately but spend time to gather experience abroad.
Unlike most of the au pairs, English (or French) is not my mother tongue. So please excuse me for any grammatical mistakes ;)
I hope my English skills will improve during my stay in Brisbane!

Since June I have been working at the reception of a dental office.
I started working there to find out whether being a dentist could be the right thing for me.

Me at the dental office

The work there has convinced me to study dentistry.
I like the fact that – as a dentist – I am doing something with my hands, it is somehow a manual and artistic thing, although I am aware how many people are afraid of dentists. ;)

I really like outdoor activities - I like swimming, hiking and skiing but I have to admit that I am doing that mainly on vacation. In general I love trying out new sports, last summer I tried several water sports so as windsurfing, water skiing and catamaran sailing.

I am quite interested in photography, I like taking pictures of my family, friends or anything interesting near me and my camera.

Our dog Tosca in the garden

I am interested in arts, particular contemporary arts. I like drawing and painting and also had arts as an advanced course in school.
I am looking forward to do some handicrafts and painting with Aivy!

All in all I am really excited to fly to Australia in exactly one month and I am looking forward to get to know you all!

I am sure it will be a great time! :)

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Young a dit…

Really looking forward to meeting our German dentist... And don't forget the Sauerkraut! ;)